HubTran and Teknowlogi.

A match made in heaven.


Teknowlogi is the pioneer of the next generation Transportation Management System (TMS) and creator of Tai, the industry’s only cloud-based solution that combines transportation management systems (TMS), mobile intelligence (MI), integration intelligence (II), consulting intelligence (CI), business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) in one platform.

Teknowlogi addresses a current long-felt but unresolved need for a technology platform that can analyze millions of data variables in real time as well as enhance and change processes within the complicated and multi-party global shipping and logistics industry. Simple put: We provide a smarter solution.

Teknowlogi’s mission is to enable every organization within the logistics industry to operate as the most perfect version of itself at all times. Teknowlogi is focused on delivering ongoing business value, high-quality customer service and support, as well as an easy-to-consume platform and pricing model.

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