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Automated TMS Invoice Processing.

McLeod Software PowerBroker®

See How LoadDelivered Automates Their Back Office with HubTran and McLeod PowerBroker®

PowerBroker® by McLeod Software digitally combines carrier history, known tractor capacity, and market pricing data to give brokers the best possible information to quickly make the best decision. PowerBroker® offers a fully integrated freight brokerage operations management system and a complete accounting software solution all in one package, from one company.

McLeod Software has built a lot of Digital Freight Matching capabilities into their PowerBroker product in recent years, and they continue to expand those core capabilities. To deliver the full capabilities customers need to succeed in this new world of Digital Freight Matching, they recognize the need for strong integration solutions with all of the innovative services and information sources that are coming to the market.

McLeod Software’s PowerBroker® has a seamless integration with HubTran to quickly process incoming carrier documents and invoices. PowerBroker® communicates load and carrier data to HubTran, then HubTran returns approved invoice data and documents to PowerBroker®. When the carrier sends in invoices and supporting documents for billing, the audit process is completed more quickly to allow brokers to bill faster with less cost and effort from the back office.

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