HubTran and FMS.

A match made in heaven.

Freight Management Systems FMS LOADPlus Pro

Freight Management Systems has been developing software for the transportation logistics industry for over 30 years. Our flagship product, LOADPlus, is a complete logistics software solution to manage all back office functions of Asset and Non-Asset based logistic companies. These include trucking companies, freight brokers, freight agents, intermodal/rail, freight forwarders and (LTL) freight companies.

LOADPlus is a transportation management system designed to increase efficiency by letting the transportation company’s operator match loads, carriers, and drivers quickly and productively. You can manage (TL) Truckload and (LTL) Less than Truckload, and Intermodal by creating quotes, dispatching, booking, and tracking all aspects of your load or trucks. Then when ready you can bill the customer and set up to pay the carrier or driver automatically.

LOADPlus is also so much more. As a functional ERP system, the software has dispatch, CRM, HR, and full accounting. There are also many integrations that expand functionality to bring a complete back office solution for running your transportation company.

Throughout the United States, transportation companies of all sizes use LOADPlus to increase their profits. LOADPlus can handle your company’s needs regardless of size, user count or remote locations.

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