HubTran and FactorSQL.

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3i Infotech FactorSQL

Factor/SQL has earned the trust and respect of many of the world’s leading factors over the past two decades. It is the world’s premier system for companies offering commercial financing through Accounts Receivable purchasing. This highly scalable software has been successfully used by all sizes and types of Factoring operations, to manage portfolios, analyze risk, track commissions and optimize income. Additionally, Factor/SQL provides detailed tracking of operator activity for security monitoring and auditing purposes.

Factor/SQL has been designed for maximum flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the Factoring Industry. With the addition of add-on components, Factor/SQL can provide web-based access for your clients (eFactor) and a report-writing component for producing customized reports (InfoMaker).

Some of our mutual customers

Jobe Services

Seven Oaks Capital

Transwest Capital

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