HubTran and FactorSoft.

A match made in heaven.

ProfitStars FactorSoft

FactorSoft (formerly known as CADENCE) effectively supports the needs of factors who want to grow their market share and expand their horizons, but need more monitoring tools and controls for greater product flexibility. It is a powerful, cost-effective solution capable of handling all aspects of the factoring business process.

In addition to automating many of the administrative functions of your business, FactorSoft manages the critical aspects of portfolio management like: Invoice verification ​ Credit checking Purchase decisions Risk analysis Concentrations Trend analysis and reporting Funds employed reporting And more Extensive system preferences are the power behind FactorSoft. Administrators can choose from literally hundreds of options to customize the system to work the way your business operates (rather than the other way around).

It’s all about efficiency. Purchase data can be entered manually or uploaded electronically using numerous import file formats and methods. The data can be verified, approved by management, balanced, and quickly purchased.