HubTran and FactorFox.

A match made in heaven.


FactorFox Software was the first factoring cloud software company when the cloud was in its infancy. It started as software run on a server, and over time evolved to an actual software application compiled on a server farm and distributed over a private network. As technology improved and web browsers became more sophisticated, our company grew too. We partnered with strategic companies like RackSpace for our hosting and Iron Mountain as our software escrow company. We understand your data is extremely important and we take many steps to make sure you’re protected.

FactorFox Software, LLC was started in 2002 by Jeff Callender, a factor with many years’ experience buying receivables, and Robert Vasquez, a programmer who also had worked in the accounting field. The first two years were spent developing the concept, then coding and writing the first ever web-native factoring software platform. That product was released in 2004 and has matured steadily since. With factoring companies throughout the world using the product, FactorFox has become a leader in the factoring software industry. With subscribing customers ranging from one-person shops to complete franchises, FactorFox continues to attract businesses to its solution — both startups as well as those who have factored for years.

Why the attraction? It is both affordable and robust. It has many features that other platforms costing much more lack. Its support staff answer chat calls quickly, professionally, and have a sound knowledge of the product.

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