HubTran and 3PL Systems BrokerWare.

Automated TMS Invoice Processing.

3PL Systems Brokerware

3PL Systems, Inc. provides transportation management system software to help make freight brokers more profitable - both by helping them bring in more revenue and helping them to operate more efficiently.

3PL Systems'​ BrokerWare™ is used to manage all shipping and transportation activity from one place, including: dispatch, operations, routing, carrier selection, tracing, accounting, billing, collections and much more. BrokerWare™ is a transportation management system (TMS) for Non-Asset Based Freight Brokers. Our freight broker software package has built-in support for many types of shipments including: Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Truckload (TL), Expedited, Rail, and any type of Specialized Equipment.

Some Features Include: Web-Based Application, Simplified Dispatch and Order Entry, Customer Information Management, Automated Rating and Automated Billing, TL, LTL, and Mileage Capabilities, Email and Fax Ready Documentation, EDI and XML Carrier Interface, Carrier Selection with Safety Screening, and Extensive Reporting Capabilities.

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