JOSH ASBURY | April 20, 2020

Josh Asbury is HubTran’s Vice President, 3PL & Brokerage and resident music enthusiast. He is passionate about solving big problems that have an immediate impact for the end user. Josh is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

HubTran’s Automation Revolution Webinar Series

Since nearly everyone is working from home these days, we are working on a series of webinars intended to help our 3PL, Broker, Factor and Forwarder customers gain immense efficiencies in the transportation back-office.


The first in our series is an overview of HubTran’s solution for 3PLs and Brokers and will occur on April 24, 2020 at 1:00 EDT. We will do a deep-dive into HubTran’s Carrier Invoicing and Customer Billing solutions with the intent of showing you how HubTran’s machine learning and artificial intelligence can greatly improve your back-office’s efficiency and accuracy.


Click here to register.


Next week, we will broadcast a joint webinar with our partners at McLeod Software where we speak to best practices in security in this new work-from-home environment.


If you would like to register for the entire series, please let us know, and we will register you for each session as we schedule them.

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