ProfitStars and the IFA commend HubTran’s positive impact on factor operations

In their Commercial Lending Newsletter, ProfitStars wrote about how we can transform any factor’s operations in the article HubTran Helps Factors Boost Efficiency.

“Factors know … a tremendous amount of work goes into funding clients, much of it tedious and manual. Take data entry and auditing. Every day, back office staff must organize incoming emails and faxes, scan paper documents, group submissions by client, manipulate PDFs, key data, check for, tag, and upload required documents, and contact clients about anything that’s missing or illegible. HubTran… automates data entry and auditing using optical character recognition and artificial intelligence to pull information out of documents and compare it to the client and debtor data in FactorSoft.

What do FactorSoft clients that use HubTran think of the system?

Mary Ann Hudson, Executive Vice President, Bibby Transportation Finance, Inc., observed, “There are so many good things about HubTran so I am not sure where to start. The seamless transition into using the product, the ease of use for our operations team, the increased turnaround time for processing and the efficiencies added to our processes are among the highest on my list.” She continued, “While these things are all important, I still continue to be impressed with their attention to the customer. Even since our implementation they are “on it” for anything we have questions about or need. These days everyone talks about customer service and how important it is. These guys not only talk about it they show it every day.” A big thank you to our friends at ProfitStars and Bibby!

In a second shoutout, IFA announced HubTran’s addition to its Preferred Vendor Program. From the article:

“HubTran was added to the Preferred Vendor Program because they can assist members in automating critical back office processes,” said Executive Director of the International Factoring Association, Bert Goldberg. “IFA is proud to bring these efficiencies and cost savings to our members.”

You can read the complete release here — HubTran Named Preferred Vendor by International Factoring Association.

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