HubTran Sponsors TIA's 3PLXtend Virtual Conference

HubTran is proud to have sponsored an entirely new event by the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) – the 3PLXtend Virtual Xperience.

HubTran’s VP of 3PL and Broker, Josh Asbury, presented a 7-minute session at the TIA 3PLXtend Virtual Xperience Conference. He showed why 3PLs and freight brokers love HubTran, talked about crushing inefficiencies and announced Lights-Out Processing with HubTran!

According to TIA, “TIA’s 3PLXtend Virtual Xperience recognizes that simply replicating an in-person event online doesn’t provide the same experience and requires a different approach to engagement and the personal interactions that you’ve come to count on from TIA.

With 13+ hours of interactive learning, networking, and exhibitor showcases, TIA’s 3PLXTEND VIRTUAL XPERIENCE provided attendees with the same 3PL insights, information, and experiences that members and the industry have come to expect from TIA events – all in an exciting new format!

We are excited to support this event and take part in the opportunity to meet with other technical innovators, 3PLs, and freight brokers.

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