HubTran launches back office automation

HubTran is working to reshape the settlement process in transportation.

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HubTran introduces its technology platform for automating transportation back office work.

“We’re leveraging advanced software technology to reshape the back office. Settling transactions and handling paperwork efficiently and accurately is a critical, though unglamorous, capability necessary for successful transportation companies,” HubTran CEO Matt Bernstein said.

HubTran is a cloud-based platform that automatically retrieves and identifies documents, extracts critical information from those documents, and synchs with a company’s operating system.

“No more cumbersome steps discerning bills of lading from invoices, finding load IDs, saving and filing documents, and updating transportation management systems,” the company said. “Errors also go down as HubTran automatically checks transactions against a company’s business rules, related payments, and vendor details.”

HubTran added that it provides this capability without the need for barcodes, carrier compliance, or laborious templating.

“Initially, HubTran is for brokers and transportation factors,” Bernstein explained. “We’ll be releasing a version for carriers in 2016.”

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