HubTran Announces Integration with 3PL Systems Inc.’s Brokerware platform

Chicago, July 14, 2020 – HubTran, the transportation industry’s leading automation platform, today announced a partnership with 3PL Systems Inc., creator of the Brokerware transportation and management software for freight brokers and logistics providers. The partnership allows Brokerware users to easily automate manual back-office processes associated with payables, customer invoicing and document management.

The integration between HubTran and Brokerware enables 3PL Systems’ customers to quickly and easily leverage HubTran’s OCR (optical character recognition) and ML (machine learning) technologies to simplify accounting and back-office work — resulting in a drastic reduction in operating costs.

Brokerware users realize three benefits from this integration: HubTran reduces the time that back-office staff spends on manual and error-prone accounts payable and accounts receivable processes by over 80%. Using artificial intelligence and OCR, HubTran automatically scans, categorizes, groups and audits incoming documents from carriers, and then automatically assigns them to the correct load in Brokerware. HubTran applies customers’ unique business rules and proactively alerts users to any exceptions.

“The Hubtran integration was a decision made based on the huge void that they fill for our clients.” said Cameron Robertson, President & CEO of 3PL Systems, Inc. “Hubtran automates back-office work by compiling all of your carrier documents, auditing the carrier bill, and pushing all of that information back into Brokerware so that you do not have to. This frees up our clients’ operations and accounting teams to work on other crucial tasks for the business. The clients that have adopted this application thus far have seen a tremendous increase in overall efficiency and have been able to retrieve backup documents in quick order to provide to their clients. We are excited to finally be able to offer this integration to our client base” he said.

From HubTran’s perspective, the partnership opens the door to new customers using 3PL Systems Brokerware TMS. “HubTran was created to provide dramatic efficiency for the transportation industry’s back office. In order to be successful, 3PLs must focus on work that adds value for their customers — not mundane work that should be automated. HubTran is proud to serve 3PL System’s strong and growing customer base, and we are happy that they are now able to process shipment documents four times faster,” said Josh Asbury, VP of 3PL and Brokerage of HubTran.

Asbury added, “Our integration with Brokerware is particularly notable because new customers can get up and running in just a few days. It’s quite an achievement.”

Davis Dye, Transportation Manager of Visible Supply Chain Management, stated “3PL Systems, Inc. engineering team and HubTran’s development team have worked hard to cater to our expedited implementation timeline. Visible SCM foresees this integration becoming a vital part of our back-office technologies.”

HubTran and 3PL Systems will hold a virtual user conference on July 24, 2020 at 1:00 EDT to showcase the new integration. <strong>Click here to register</strong> or contact Josh Asbury at

About HubTran:

HubTran has sparked a back-office revolution by replacing old-school systems with automation to efficiently process invoices, bill customers, and manage documents. The company does it with enterprise-grade software using optical character recognition and artificial intelligence that’s smart, easy, and affordable. HubTran 3PLs and factors work 4X faster with better cash flow and incredible accuracy.

HubTran recently earned a spot on FreightWaves’ Top 25 most innovative companies list. Other awards include the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition, Chicago Innovation Award, and Executives’ Club of Chicago Innovator of the Year. The most important reviews come from HubTran customers who can’t say enough about product performance, minimal startup time, and excellent customer service.

About 3PL Systems:

Brokerware™ by 3PL Systems has the functionality of more expensive and established programs at a fraction of the price. Our platform not only supports new and growing brokers, larger and more established companies will find our software useful as well. Brokerware™ is designed to simplify the freight broker’s duties by creating a positive user experience for both the broker and their customers. Whether it’s LTL, TL, Intermodal or other types of shipments, Brokerware™ provides intuitive and easy to use tools to generate quotes, book shipments, dispatch shipments, invoice, document correspondence and create customizable reports. With the latest technology stack, over 50 LTL carrier integrations, and partnerships with the largest software providers in our industry and others, the platform is extremely well connected. For more information, visit us as, call us at (800) 965-8205, or email

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