Improved Integration with DAT Broker TMS

HubTran first integrated with Keypoint in 2017, and we work closely with DAT Freight and Analytics to ensure our integration keeps pace with the steady stream of innovations in DAT Broker TMS.

We are thrilled to announce that we have rolled out new features and functionality to support the growing number of DAT Broker TMS Anywhere customers.

DAT Broker TMS Anywhere and HubTran customers now enjoy:

  • Operations and Accounting in a single system
  • Inbound and Outbound data synchronization via API
  • Complete replacement for Paperwise – store your documents in HubTran!
  • Shipments/Status/Picks/Drops populated in real-time

Integrating HubTran with DAT Broker TMS is an easy process and typically takes less than a week to get everything up and running.

DAT’s customers pay only $95 per month to connect HubTran with DAT Broker TMS with no additional setup fees.

There is zero risk and everything to gain by integrating HubTran with DAT Broker TMS! Get started today, and you can use HubTran for free for 2 weeks.

To learn more about how HubTran dramatically improves efficiency for 3PLs and Brokers, contact us today.

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