Automating the Complex Freight Settlement Invoice Process

Thanks to Mercurygate and Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions for participating in this insightful webinar. If you missed it, the recording is below.

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The freight invoice settlement process is complex, tactical, and expensive for 3PLs and Brokerages. In an industry that is transaction-driven, billing errors and audit mistakes are commonplace – resulting in the need to re-work invoices. Manual auditing and settlement processes expose third-party transportation companies and their customers to significant financial risk, inefficiencies, and waste.

There is a better way.

Join MerucryGate and HubTran for this informative webinar to learn how automating the complex freight invoice settlement process can reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies, and scale your business for growth. You will also hear from Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions about how automating the freight invoice settlement process has impacted their business.

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