Aljex Offers HubTran Platform to Customers

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Middlesex N.J. – (February 23, 2016) – Aljex Software has partnered with HubTran to bring advanced back office document management technology to the transportation industry. Software integration makes HubTran available to Aljex clients within the Aljex system.

Aljex provides the industry’s leading, hosted transportation management software. HubTran offers next-generation back office automation and document administration to transportation companies of virtually any size.

Cloud-based HubTran begins by recognizing, sorting, and organizing transportation documents quickly and accurately ‑ bills of lading, proof of delivery, and other supporting documents. Then HubTran identifies and extracts critical information like bill numbers, carrier names, and more.

A transaction appears on a single screen for your approval, with the critical information filled in and supporting documents attached. HubTran technology checks and double checks itself, avoiding double payments and dealing with exceptions.

HubTran leapfrogs traditional digital document management with sophisticated algorithms and advanced optical character recognition. No more bar codes or cumbersome steps to discern manifests from freight bills, BOLs from exception reports, or invoices from PODs. HubTran simply knows what it’s dealing with and deals with it.

“HubTran has created an inventive technology that greatly simplifies the job of handling the many forms generated with every load and every shipment, day after day,” said Aljex CEO Tom Heine. “We’re pleased to integrate HubTran so Aljex clients can take advantage of this great tool the most convenient way, within Aljex.”

Transaction data flows seamlessly into the Aljex system, even as copies remain available to clients and authorized business partners – carriers, shippers, consignees – on the web through HubTran.

HubTran’s per-transaction pricing is simple and affordable, regardless of the number of BOLs, PODs, emails, faxes, or exceptions. There are no licensing or other fees.

“HubTrans and Aljex share a passion for automating the chores of transportation management. It’s about saving man-hours, of course, but it’s also about doing the job quicker and more accurately,” said HubTran CEO Matt Bernstein. “We’re very glad to partner with Aljex.”


About Aljex Software


Based in Middlesex, N.J., and Boulder, Colo., Aljex Software provides innovative, cloud-based software and business systems for third-party logistics firms and carriers. Clients include freight brokers, rail intermodal, airfreight forwarders, container draymen, and logistics companies. Aljex has been perfecting smart, intuitive management solutions since 1995. For more information, visit

About HubTran:

HubTran has sparked a back-office revolution by replacing old-school systems with automation to efficiently process invoices, bill customers, and manage documents. The company does it with enterprise-grade software using optical character recognition and artificial intelligence that’s smart, easy, and affordable. HubTran 3PLs and factors work 4x faster with better cash flow and incredible accuracy.

HubTran recently earned a spot on FreightWaves’ Top 25 most innovative companies list. Other awards include the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition, Chicago Innovation Award, and Executives’ Club of Chicago Innovator of the Year. The most important reviews come from HubTran customers who can’t say enough about product performance, minimal startup time, and excellent customer service.

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