Happy Holidays from HubTran. 2020 Has Been A Marathon.

The team at HubTran would like to reach out one more time in 2020 to say thank you and wish you a happy holiday season.

This was the year when the supply chain became top-of-mind for everyone. Our customers ensure that essentials are delivered to grocery shelves, ventilators reach hospitals, and life-saving vaccines are delivered to every corner of the globe. But it hasn’t been easy. When quarantines began in March, companies shifted to remote work. Shipping volume plummeted, then spiked. Despite these challenges, our customers ensured shipments got picked up and business partners got paid - reliably, accurately and on time.

These uncertainties and volatility shined a light on the need to be efficient and resilient. Our customers rely on HubTran technology to streamline their work, increase flexibility, and provide surge capacity. We’re committed to serving our customers, and we were fortunate this year to welcome over 100 new broker, factor and forwarder customers.

We also rely on an amazing set of TMS partners. You may have seen announcements about enhancements to our integrations with Aljex, McLeod PowerBroker and Keypoint. We also introduced new partnerships with Cargowise, 3PL Systems, BrokerPro, FMS, Mastery, TriumphPay and Turvo. Thanks to all of our partners for working with us steadfastly.

2021 is shaping up to be another year of achievement for HubTran. We will be delivering on the promise of Lights-Out Processing with no human oversight required. We’re excited about our new Invoice Intelligence platform that eliminates errors and fraud for factors. And we will continue to focus on what we’re really good at – crushing inefficiencies wherever we find them.

Here’s wishing you a safe and happy holiday season.

Matt Bernstein

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