Meet Your Secret Weapon Against Bad Invoices.

Do more verifications and the right verifications today with Invoice Intelligence.

There's no need to guess which invoices need attention. Invoice Intelligence spots issues like abnormal lane rates, advances, information mismatches, and more.

Why guess which invoices need your attention when Invoice Intelligence can spot potential issues before they become a problem? HubTran's artificial intelligence stays ahead of fraudsters and flags exceptions -- consistently and efficiently. Invoice Intelligence decreases risk, increases efficiency, and offers peace of mind that your team is looking at the right invoices.

Now, you can buy with confidence because Invoice Intelligence gives you the information your team needs when they need it.

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Increase Profits

Invoice Intelligence automatically flags issues like abnormal lane rates, information mismatches and more. The result? The highest possible quality invoices with less hassle.

Increased Efficiency

Invoice Intelligence integrates with HubTran Automated Verifications, allowing factors to do more all within the same workflow. On average, users more than double productivity.

Decreased Fraud

Invoice Intelligence’s artificial intelligence automatically spots issues and exceptions so you can stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated fraud tactics.

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