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A factor’s secret weapon against bad invoices.

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More Profit. Less Hassle.

This is a Total Game Changer.

You’re trying to grow your business, but the cost of administrative busy work is dragging you down. Making timely funding decisions while managing your risk is a constant battle. The reality? Hiring more employees to handle paperwork, data entry, and endless emails is a costly and temporary solution to a very permanent problem. We can help. HubTran is a cloud-based solution that helps you take control of your operations. By using artificial intelligence, HubTran allows you to make timely, accurate funding decisions. You’ll spend less time on adminstration and more time growing your business.

It’s not just a tool. It’s a Revolution.

HubTran automates slow, costly operations, ensuring you can fund your clients on time—every time. We automate operations for Factors in three ways:

Client Payables Processing

Let HubTran do the heavy lifting by automatically auditing and processing funding requests and documents from clients.

Debtor Invoicing

With HubTran, sending invoices to your debtors gets streamlined. Get paid faster and easier than ever before.

Automated Verifications

Directly interface with debtors to quickly verify loads, ensuring you know what you’re buying.

Keep your business running from anywhere.

Need your team to work remotely? No problem.

Employees can use HubTran anytime, anywhere.

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How Does HubTran Work?

Advanced Technology

HubTran uses artificial intelligence and optical character recognition to automatically scan, categorize, group, and audit incoming documents.

Application Integration

HubTran is already integrated with every major factoring system. Data flows both ways, in real time, enabling HubTran to work seamlessly with your factoring system and team processes.

Exception and error detection

HubTran learns your business rules and flags any exceptions to catch errors that humans might miss. Get 99% accuracy and 0% hassle.

Easy to love.

Lower labor costs

Once our clients get up and running, their labor costs go down by as much as 80%.

Better cash flow

When paperwork gets processed 4x faster and more accurately, you make better decisions, your debtors get perfect invoices faster, and you get paid sooner.

No missed funding deadlines

Being able to do more with less means you can keep your clients happy.

Accelerated growth

HubTran frees up your team to focus on revenue-generating activities. That makes your employees—and your bottom line—very happy. Our customers tell us that they doubled their processing volume with half the effort.

Better client relations

Clients don’t have to change a thing. When their funding requests are processed accurately, and their issues get resolved quickly, that makes for very satisfied clients.

Fewer errors

Incorrect documentation and data entry errors aggravate customers and cost time and money. HubTran’s artificial intelligence is more accurate than human beings.

Ready for your team to work 4X faster?