HubTran For Factors

HubTran is the inexpensive, accurate, automated way to process invoices and manage documents.

Do it faster.
Do it better.

By using optical character recognition and artificial intelligence, Hubtran automatically reads, sorts, and connects documents and invoices. As if someone did it for you. 

  • Inducts, tags and sorts client documents 
  • Finds and extracts key data
  • Identifies gaps and exceptions, then notifies relevant parties 
  • Uploads documents and funding schedules to factoring applications
  • Provides information to clients and drivers via web portal and mobile app


With Hubtran, you process 4x faster and audit accurately, allowing you to fund on time—which means happy clients and employees. You also reduce back-office costs by 80% and increase your capacity for growth. 

  • Frees you from paper (and attachments)
  • Eliminates key stroking and data entry errors
  • Ends the search for documents 
  • Curbs back-and-forth phone calls and emails 
  • Keeps work organized and on track from start to finish

HubTran checks.
And double checks.

HubTran Verifications automatically checks client invoices against freight broker data in real time, instantly syncs up the correct carrier and broker, then confirms that:

  • Load ID is correct
  • Amount matches
  • No unaccounted-for advances or fees
  • Load delivered free and clear
  • Remit-to information matches

An incredibly
easy switch.

Because HubTran is cloud-based and integrated with your factoring system, it doesn’t take much to get up and running. Clients don’t need to change their ways at all. So trying HubTran is painless.

A complete
tool set.

In addition to the core invoice-processing platform, HubTran can offer you automated debtor invoicing, a fully featured client web portal, and a mobile app for drivers. 

From our fan club:

“Funding happens faster. We provide better customer service, which is our end game. Although we’re growing, we reduced headcount by 40%. And there are almost no errors. It’s a calm, organized, happy back office.”
Nicole Lafollette, Foley

“HubTran created a solution that dramatically streamlines the collection, interpretation, and sorting of freight bill documents prior to import and funding.”
Jay McKinney, ProfitStars

“They understand our goals and are eager to achieve them. HubTran is a prompt, professional and loyal partner.”
Chris Harrison, TBS