HubTran’s Security

Our development team has extensive experience in security systems, and has developed business critical software systems at top tier banking firms.

Application Security

  • Frequent security audits and penetration tests.
  • All users have unique user accounts and unique passwords.
  • No storage of passwords in plain text.
  • Trading partners access data specific to only their transactions and hierarchical, user-based permissions.
  • All administrative capabilities are limited.
  • All events are audited and recorded.

Server Security

  • Server access restricted to only encrypted SSH sessions with a valid certificate. No remote password authentication. Firewall protection installed on entire network infrastructure.
  • Automated provisioning on all servers. We bring new servers online in under 10 minutes, allowing us to quickly recover from faults or to expand capacity on the fly.
  • Secure tunneled access to server infrastructure. Standardized data retention strategies.

Encryption Security

  • Industry standard SSL encryption.
  • Secure 256-bit encrypted daily offsite backups for disaster recovery strategy.
  • Modern, salted password encryption.
  • Secure document storage using securely hashed names.

Company Security

  • No company data stored on USB devices.
  • Background checks performed on all employees.