HubTran Engineering

HubTran Engineers are improving the lives of our customers every day. We use technologies like Elm and Kubernetes to streamline the repetitive work in transportation companies.

Our people are our most important resource

That’s why we invest our time in sharing our values and organizing a book club. We work hard to build the type of company that makes it easy to succeed. We have the people and environment you want to be a part of.

Our CTO, Mike Mangino,wrote a book about Facebook development with Rails.

Randy Schmidt is the creator of Nerd Merit Badges, Dead Man’s Snitch, and more.

Dillon Kearns is the founder of Incremental Elm Training.

My coworkers are some of the best people I've ever worked with. They are kind, funny, smart, and hard-working. I learn from them every day.

— Randy, Software Engineer

There were a number of things that initially intrigued me about working at HubTran. Their stated values greatly appeal to me, and in my time working here I've found those values are actualized in the company culture. The team is passionate and great to work with.

— Charlotte, Software Engineer

Our Technology Drives Us

Working at HubTran, you have the opportunity to work on a number of exciting technologies. Are you interested in the new breed of strongly typed languages? Our front end is more than 66% Elm. Or maybe you are interested in machine learning? Help us use ML to improve automatic data extraction. At HubTran, we’re using cutting edge technology to help improve the lives of our customers.

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HubTran Starts a Book Club

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