JOSH ASBURY | March 17, 2020

Josh Asbury is HubTran’s Vice President, 3PL & Brokerage and resident music enthusiast. He is passionate about solving big problems that have an immediate impact for the end user. Josh is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A COVID-19 Update from HubTran

As everyone around the world makes plans for their businesses and families around the COVID-19 situation, we at HubTran wanted to let you know the following:


  1. We are fortunate to already have the infrastructure in place to work remotely, so nothing will change in terms of our service to you. We will continue supporting you as you run your business.
  2. As a cloud solution, HubTran is accessible anywhere at any time. Our mature and robust delivery model was created with business resiliency in mind and, as always, is available to support your business 24×7.
  3. We stand ready to help you and your business transition to remote-work. If you would like our assistance in introducing a work from home process for your back-office teams, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Please know that we will continue to work on your behalf. We are prepared for the uncertainty ahead, and it is our great honor to be a part of your toolkit to get your business through turbulent times.


Thank you for your partnership.

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