3PL Case Study

Better cash flow.
Streamlined operations.
It’s almost like magic.

As a company with average annual growth of 37%, Priority1 needed their back-office systems to keep up. Controller Nate Hasting and Financial Assurance Manager Troy Lampley knew their biggest win would come from streamlining the billing process. As Controller Nate Hasting says, “We continued to set monthly sales records, but our operation was not scalable with respect to expansion.”


Like many 3PLs, Priortiy1 assumed that invoicing misery was just the cost of doing business. Troy was surprised at how effortless HubTran made the process. Troy says, “Our DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) shrank by four days, going from 30.83 to 26.58.” Not bad.


With HubTran, Troy notes, “Time spent preparing invoices is nearly gone. We save $1,400 on postage each month. HubTran also allows us to assign all costs to the right carrier invoice, while ensuring that we do not pass on costs we cannot contractually bill for. Collections are easier because objections are eliminated. When there’s a dispute, it’s simple to direct the customer to all the supporting documentation.”


Plus, start-up was easy. Priority1 discovered only minimal training was needed, and zero IT support was required. Most importantly, customers and their preferences get added quickly and easily. All the results with none of the headaches.


Less manual labor and better cash flow? It’s almost like magic.

Time spent preparing invoices is nearly gone.

Troy Lampley
Financial Assurance Manager,
Priority 1

Current TMS



  • Not enough back-office personnel to handle growth
  • Overwhelming manual invoicing process
  • Difficulty answering client questions about invoices


  • Improved receivables cycle by 14%
  • Spend virtually no time on processing invoices
  • $1,400 in postage saved each month

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