3PL Case Study

Double the volume.
Half the cost.
HubTran made it possible.

Today, NFI is a $1.3B transportation company that moves more than 190,000 shipments every year. Their growth was no accident. It took some serious growing pains and a fresh look at their back-office operations to get there.


When David Broering joined NFI in 2012, it was only a five-person brokerage. David knew that the only path to success was automating their back-office operations. “We land deals that can drop an additional 25,000 annual shipments into FBA overnight. I didn’t want an army of hourly employees toiling away, manually scanning documents. We were looking to automate freight bill audit and payment without paying more than we were already,” says David.


HubTran integrated seamlessly with Aljex Software, NFI’s TMS. With no upfront costs for installation or licensing, it was easy for Dave to give HubTran a try.


“We doubled volume at half our old costs,” David says. HubTran also makes it possible for NFI to pay carriers more quickly, make payment information available, and become a broker of choice. “In the old days, if we were backed up, it might take eight days to get to an invoice. Relationships are created with transparency of pay terms, payment information, and pay date. With HubTran, we can provide that and accelerate payment if necessary.”


Double the volume at half the cost. It’s a great success story, and it’s only getting better. We can’t wait to see where NFI goes next.

We doubled volume at half our old costs.

David Broering | NFI

Current TMS

Aljex Software


  • Not enough back-office personnel to handle growth
  • Long lag in invoice processing times
  • Needed automation that “talked” to their current TMS


  • Double the volume at half the cost
  • The ability to grow without adding headcount
  • Quicker payments to carriers, making them the broker of choice

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