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Seamless integration.
Best-in-class TMS.
HubTran makes it possible.

McLeod Software’s PowerBroker has a seamless integration with
HubTran to quickly process incoming carrier documents and invoices.


PowerBroker communicates load and carrier data to HubTran, then HubTran returns approved invoice data and documents to PowerBroker. When the carrier sends in invoices and supporting documents for billing, the audit process is completed more quickly to allow brokers to bill faster with less cost and effort from the back office.


Order and load data is continuously communicated to HubTran. HubTran uses optical character recognition and artificial intelligence technology to match documents to existing load data, auto classify and organize the documents, and validate the invoice and supporting documentation against load information and business requirements.

Using HubTran allows us to continue our fast-paced growth track without having to add additional people on our accounting team.

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Becker Logistics

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