3PL Case Study

Faster processing.
Lower overhead.
Now that’s a win-win

For Evans Transportation, landing three big new clients was both a blessing and a curse. New clients bring a bigger workload, and they feared that their current staff couldn’t keep up.


Evans had a choice. They could work harder and hire more staff – as they had done for the last 30 years—or they could take a closer look at their operations.


Evans chose the latter, and HubTran had what they needed and wanted: A fast way to automate payments, manage documents, and reduce errors without adding employees. And HubTran’s turnkey integration with MercuryGate put the choice over the top.


“Now, all our team has to do is review,” notes David Cochrane, Evans’ VP of Information Technology. “80% of the time, HubTran auto-matches invoices in MercuryGate, providing a way to easily communicate disputes, which reduces manual time by over two minutes per invoice. And that’s a big deal.”


Plus, Evan’s carriers never had to change how they operated. Notes Cochrane, “For (our carriers), using HubTran doesn’t require installing an app, taking pictures with their phones, or scanning and sending documents. It’s simple to use.”


Cochrane adds, “Now that we’re turning everything around faster, everyone is happier.” Evan has decreased their overhead, enabling them to pass those savings on to their customers. And that makes them even more competitive.


The best part? “With HubTran, we don’t require an endlessly expanding staff to keep up with our growing customer list, and we’re secure in handling anything from here on out,” says Cochrane. “We’re set.”

It’s simple to use – we’re set

David Cochrane
VP of Information Technology, Evans Transportation

Current TMS



  • Not enough back-office personnel to handle growth
  • A “slow and tedious” back-office process
  • Needed automation that seamlessly worked with TMS


  • Time processing invoices reduced by 2 minutes/invoice
  • Business growth without adding headcount
  • Decreased overhead and happier customers

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