Single Point Capital Stands Up to Hurricane Harvey

Weathering the storm and getting the job done.

As everybody knows by now, severe hurricanes recently hit both Texas and Florida.  Single Point Capital is a transportation factoring company based in Houston, which bore the brunt of Hurricane Harvey.  Fortunately for Single Point, they were able to weather the blow and come out stronger on the other side.

With employee well-being the paramount priority as Harvey approached, Single Point closed their office and sent team members home to take care of their families and stay safe.  But SinglePoint knew their clients all over the country counted on them day in and day out.  Hurricane Harvey posed a clear and present danger to Single Point’s business.

"Companies don’t think about these situations until they happen”, notes Tom Croteau, VP of Operations at Single Point.  In preparation for the storm and knowing the office might be inaccessible, Tom began to plan for contingencies which included contacting HubTran.  “I knew if we could maintain access to email, CADENCE, and HubTran we’d be in the best possible position to weather the storm.”

Tom points out, “Prior to HubTran, Single Point was using a process based on printing, scanning, and manual data entry, which wouldn’t have worked for obvious reasons. HubTran allowed our business to survive Hurricane Harvey. There is no way we could have operated through the storm without them.  We kept the operation going with just 20% of our people working remotely. In one case, even an untrained user was up and running with the system the same day.  HubTran enabled us to operate normally in an unnormal time. Our invoice processing volume was at 80% of normal with the 20% drop being entirely the result of local carriers who weren’t in operation.”

Tom feels that Single Point has become an even stronger company for the experience.  A brand-new customer of HubTran, Single Point still had team members who were skeptical of change.  “The good news is not only did we not skip a beat, but the experience forced us to really embrace and use HubTran for what it could be.”

Tom concludes, “Even though this situation is an outlier in terms of how serious of a disruption Hurricane Harvey has been, it’s actually making us rethink some things about our business. Like, do we need such a large an investment in space to maintain an old process that HubTran can replace? But most importantly, now we know we have a great contingency plan and are better positioned to manage our business on a daily basis too.”

"HubTran allowed our business to survive Hurricane Harvey. There is no way we could have operated through the storm without them."