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3PL Case Study

Staying true to its business model as an open book provider of transportation management and truckload brokerage services, Rockfarm is in constant pursuit to lower operating expenses. Because HubTran’s primary objective is to create efficiency in the transportation company’s back-office, it was a natural alignment for the two companies to pursue a partnership. The onboarding process was completed very quickly due to HubTran’s MercuryGate integration framework, and RockFarm realized immediate ROI after starting up. RockFarm quickly found that their employees were 125% more productive – allowing them to add more customers to their growing business without needing to hire more staff to support that growth.

Rockfarm’s selection of HubTran’s solution has enabled efficiency across their two largest business units — Transportation Management and Brokerage Services. Rockfarm’s CEO, Todd Colin states, “The choice of HubTran to support our continuous improvement efforts enabled Rockfarm to streamline our invoice and supporting documents match processes. We can now offer our Transportation Management Clients a path to add further complexity to their carrier solutions with smaller carriers, while still maintaining efficiency in our freight audit process.”

HubTran’s solution was easy to engage, and the HubTran team was a great partner throughout the onboarding project. Matt Randecker, Rockfarm’s SVP of Solutions, states, “HubTran’s intuitive user interface enabled us to deploy a cross-functional training program to ensure we always have team coverage in our freight audit department. HubTran’s seamless integration with MecuryGate and their responsive help desk keeps us pushing the HubTran solution forward in finding further efficiencies within our team.”

Looking forward, the use of HubTran will continue to grow for Rockfarm as more complex business opportunities are secured. Growth and efficiency, a one, two punch for the HubTran and Rockfarm partnership.

125% more productive. Immediate ROI. What can HubTran do for you?

We can now offer clients a path to add further complexity…while still maintaining efficiency.

Todd Colin

Chief Executive Officer | Rockfarm


  • Reducing freight audit touch points within its truckload brokerage division
  • Automating the unmatched load record creation process
  • Eliminate manual entry errors during the entry of paper invoices


  • Increased freight audit team efficiency by 125% per employee
  • Increased invoice document pages processed to 3,000 pages per employee per day
  • Achieved an 85% success rate on electronically creating carrier invoices from an email format

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