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Zero stress.

3PL Case Study

From humble beginnings, J and B Group’s American success story started in 1979 when Bob Hageman began selling meat out of the back of his truck in Minnesota. Since then, the company has become one of the largest food service and cold chain 3PLs in the Midwest, with much of that growth powered by its brokerage division. To keep up with their growth, J&B implemented a new invoice processing portal.

J&B found out the hard way that portals come with problems. The portal was cumbersome for carriers to use, requiring them to log in every time they wanted to simply load an invoice. As Pam Ekstrom, Financial Reporting Manager at J&B noted, time was being wasted waiting for information to load. And if documents were missing? Waiting for carriers to send a new one could take days, weeks, or even months. “Our job as brokers is to make the carrier’s job easier. Not harder,” says Kristine Rausch, J&B Accounting Coordinator. “We didn’t want to lose good carriers by making it harder for them to work with us.”

Hubtran was an easy, affordable choice. Plus, start-up was simple because Hubtran integrates with existing TMS providers. Says Ekstrom,”All that paperwork congestion is gone.”

“Errors have been virtually eliminated,” notes Rausch, “Having the correct load information for every single invoice, right from the start, is great. Change requests, delays, lumpers – anything that could cause an invoice to not rate correctly – all get resolved without the carriers even knowing about it.”

With HubTran, carriers don’t have to change the way they operate. And because HubTran’s artificial intelligence learns from every single invoice it handles, it only gets smarter and faster as you use it. All of that makes carriers happy and makes your back office more efficient.

Says Ekstrom, “The bottom line is that when everything is done automatically and done right, the carriers aren’t stressed and the back office isn’t stressed. Everything hums. Now there’s no need to staff up as we grow. No panic. So easy.”

Carriers aren’t stressed, and the back office isn’t stressed. Everything hums. Now there’s no need to staff up as we grow. No panic. So easy.

Pam Ekstrom

Financial Reporting Manager, J&B Group


  • Existing payables portal was cumbersome and tedious to use
  • Carrier compliance with the payables portal was low, increasing their risk of losing carriers
  • No integration with existing TMS


  • No paper congestion
  • Resolution to exceptions happens in five minutes vs. three days
  • Happy carriers and faster back-office processing

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