Giltner: Trading The Document Monster For Nonstop Growth

VP of Administration Michelle Baughman describes the Giltner tornado and the calm after the storm: "We had paper and emails coming in from all over the place. With HubTran, we were able to grow like crazy and reduce the number of people." And Giltner is still growing like crazy. As a carrier for more than 30 years, their fleet of 250 trucks moves tons of fresh produce. In 2010, Giltner launched a brokerage that grew rapidly and now generates revenue more than double that of the fleet. In 2015, Giltner's brokerage had 35 offices; today that number is 50.

Hubtran gets it right. 

Chief Financial Officer Greg Paulson loves that Hubtran is nearly error-proof. "It cut out the low-level stuff where mistakes happen because people are bored. It's more accurate than a human, and it has probably cut mistakes by..." At this point, Greg looked to Michelle for an answer. "What do you think?" he asked.

"We're slim to none on mistakes," Michelle replied.

That’s because HubTran uses optical character recognition combined with artificial intelligence to scan, categorize, and extract names, addresses, pro numbers, and amounts. HubTran recognizes virtually any document from any company. "It reads the paperwork, enters the information into our system, marks them as received, and puts the papers in the right place. We then go in to verify and send the payment and invoice," Greg explained.

Lots of offices.

Giltner operates on the agency model. Each office has from one to ten people and all use the web-based Aljex TMS. "It's one big company with a bunch of different offices that are in the same system. They work with the same batch of carriers," Greg explained.

Carrier billing documents go directly to the home office.” A carrier finishes a load and sends proof of delivery, invoice, and rate confirmation. They all come from different sources like email, regular mail, and pictures taken with smartphones," Greg explained. "HubTran is able to break those apart, put them in the right place, and let us know that we've got everything we need to bill that customer.”

Lots of teams and lots of bills.

Giltner has a specific group called the Processing Team, which works together in distinct sub-teams. Each handles billing for specific offices. “It helps them build relationships with individual offices, customers, and carriers. They really get to know each office and their business," Michelle said.
The teams are able to handle approximately 1,500 bills a week, and that’s why the arrangement is important to Giltner. "When HubTran was able to make groups for us, that's what sealed it,” said Michelle.

Like having custom software.

“HubTran is very nimble when it comes to programming. They really listen to our ideas and are quick to implement them," Greg said. "Hubtran is nice because it's built for transportation people, and that’s exciting.”

"It cut out the low-level stuff where mistakes happen because people are bored.  It's more accurate than a human."