Circle 8 Logistics:
Sometimes You Don’t Know What You’re Missing.

Not long ago, Circle 8 was paying 300 invoices per day with a delay-filled, error-prone, labor-intensive process.

After using HubTran for a few short months, their rapidly growing company was able to pay 50% more invoices with three people instead of five - and do it error free. Today, incoming paperwork is processed within a day instead of a week, enabling Circle 8 to bill faster.

The backstory.

Exec VP Naval Raipurkar explains Circle 8’s growth: "We’re a non-asset based third party logistics company. We opened our doors in 2001 to provide shippers and carriers with a better experience.” The company began with three people and now employs 60. "We offer multi-modal services, including LTL, flatbed, intermodal, air and ocean, but our cornerstone is full-truckload service.”

Naval recalled their payment process from the old days: "When we were small, it was easy. But never changed our process as we grew. Eventually, we couldn’t keep up with the pace. I was spending a full day every week just solving problems. It wasn't until we implemented HubTran that we saw how much more efficient we could be."

Like magic.

When Circle 8 began using HubTran, it was like flipping a switch. With optical character recognition and artificial intelligence to scan, categorize, and extract data from documents, HubTran’s system recognizes virtually any format. It links related documents to each other and their correct load, then verifies data according to a customer’s procedures. If everything checks out, HubTran presents the bill for approval. One person can review a transaction quickly with all documents on a single dashboard screen. Pretty amazing.

Stepping off the hamster wheel. (Who knew?)

"We went live in 2015," Naval said. Right away, the staff loved HubTran’s ease of use. Payables went from seven steps to one. An unforeseen benefit was a much faster check-run process.

Even with a 50% increase in business, Circle 8 was able to reduce the number of people dedicated to freight payment. “Those who were freed up could do collection and cash allocation," Naval said. "Before HubTran, we needed five people just to pay carriers."


The savings in man-hours was just the beginning. "We have fewer missed documents," Naval said. "Many carriers send their invoices through email. When you're printing out 50 pages, you're bound to miss some. So then you miss payments."

Since HubTran virtually eliminates error, Circle 8 was able to pay quickly and predictably. Which meant fewer calls from carriers. "They’re extremely pleased, so that’s another reason I'm a big fan of HubTran. We've developed a great working relationship— HubTran is quick to respond when we need them. I want people to know all about Hubtran and what they can do." 

Right away, the staff loved HubTran's ease of use.  Payables went from seven steps to one.