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3PL Case Study

In 9 short months, HubTran has helped transform the way BTB Logistics approaches operations, which has resulted in back-office work reduction and revenue growth. “The Freight Management Systems and HubTran integration with FMS LOADPlus has been a fantastic solution for us”, said co-owner Matthew Perkins. “We’ve been using HubTran since October of 2019 and the time-to-value was immediate”.

HubTran eliminated human error from the equation. “Naming files incorrectly or indexing documents incorrectly, HubTran just doesn’t make those mistakes.”, said Perkins. “Not manually processing imaging has saved our staff an entire day each week because we skip that step completely!”

Before HubTran, BTB Logistics processors were doing double the work trying to catch mistakes. “With HubTran, we’re catching mistakes from carriers early in the process, which is important to us and to our customers.”

With HubTran, BTB Logistics has been able to focus on adding new customers. “As an owner I’ve been able to delegate more work to my back-office which opens up my time for high value activity.

BTB was just selected as vendor for a new customer with a huge spot market, and my partner recently landed a contract with a very large customer”.

HubTran has enabled Business to Business Logistics to dramatically reduce the amount of time their team spends on non-growth activities so they can focus on rapidly growing their business.

What can HubTran do for you?

The time to value after we started using HubTran was immediate.

Matthew Perkins

Co-Owner, Business To Business Logistics


  • Time-consuming, manual processing of carrier invoices and load documents
  • Error prone reconciliation of customer and carrier charges
  • Owners weighed down with tactical activities


  • Fast and accurate document indexing and imaging
  • Carrier mistakes are caught earlier in the process
  • Owners now focused on revenue growth

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