Automation Beyond Expectation.

Rest easy. Lights-Out Processing has your invoices processed and approved without the click of a button.

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Carrier invoices and supporting documentation flow through HubTran and are approved in your TMS. If manual intervention is required, HubTran sends them to your team.

We want your people focused on meaningful work – not doing repetitive, error-prone tasks.

Lights-Out Processing automatically processes the load documents you receive from carriers. No human touch is required unless HubTran finds an exception or anomaly. When it does, HubTran automatically flags the issue and sends it to your Accounts Payable team to review and resolve. Lights-Out Processing is true management by exception for your back office.

We automate the back office for 3PLs and Brokers

Carrier Invoice Processsing

Process carrier invoices and supporting paperwork 4X faster. We automatically auditing and processing invoices and documents from carriers.

Lights-Out Processing

No humans allowed. HubTran fully automates back-office carrier invoice processing – allowing your team to do work machines can’t do.

Accounts Receivable

Get paid faster! Whether your customers require email, Cass, or FTP, HubTran automatically and intelligently invoices.

Carrier Document Retrieval

Never sign into a carrier portal again! Automate getting carrier documents into your TMS.

Load Builder

Managed transportation, freight pay and audit and 3PLs rejoice! Create loads in your TMS with HubTran’s streamlined UI.

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