It’s a Back-Office Revolution.

You told us what a burden back-office processes are, and we listened. HubTran will revolutionize the way you do business by automating repeatable and costly back-office tasks. We automate the back-office operations for 3PLs in three ways:

Carrier Invoice Processing

Let HubTran do the heavy lifting by automatically auditing and processing invoices and documents from carriers.

Customer Invoicing

With HubTran, sending invoices to your customers gets streamlined. Get paid faster and easier than ever before.

Document Retrieval

Obtaining documents from carrier websites is completely automated.

Keep your business running from anywhere.

Need your team to work remotely? No problem.

Employees can use HubTran anytime, anywhere.

How Does HubTran Work?

Advanced Technology

HubTran uses artificial intelligence and optical character recognition to automatically scan, categorize, group, and audit incoming documents.


TMS Integration

HubTran is already integrated with most Transportation Management Systems. Data flows both ways, in real time, enabling HubTran to work seamlessly with your TMS and your processes.


We Find Exceptions and Errors That Humans Can’t

HubTran learns your business rules and flags any exceptions. Get 99% accuracy and 0% hassle.

Easy to Love.

Better cash flow

When paperwork gets processed 4x faster and more accurately, your customers get invoiced faster, and you get paid faster.

Lower labor costs.

Once our clients get up and running, their labor costs go down by as much as 80%.

Accelerated growth

HubTran frees up your team to focus on revenue-generating activities. That makes your employees — and your bottom line — very happy. Some of our customers tell us that they doubled their volume with half the effort.

Improved carrier relations

Carriers don’t have to change a thing. When carriers’ invoices are processed accurately and consistently and their issues get resolved quickly, you become their broker of choice.

Fewer errors

Incorrect documentation and data entry errors aggravate customers and cost time and money. HubTran’s artificial intelligence is more accurate than human beings, with up to 99% accuracy.

Easy to Use

Affordable pricing

Our per-transaction pricing is straightforward and easy to manage. There are no contracts, no licensing fees, and you won’t pay a dime until you’ve processed your first invoice.

Simple, hassle-free set-up

With HubTran, getting started is simple.

It’s a cloud-based solution, so no IT support is required.

HubTran is intuitive. Most of our clients are up and running with a few short hours of training.

With HubTran, your carriers don’t have to change a thing.

Start your own back-office revolution