Your Back Office Wants a Revolution

HubTran is the way transportation companies and factors are working 4x faster and smarter.

HubTran lets you do it all faster.

It’s the automated way to process invoices, bill customers, and manage documents. Factors fund faster. Brokers, 3PLs, and forwarders reduce back-office work by 80%.

To err is

But HubTran isn’t human. By using optical character recognition and artificial intelligence, mistakes are virtually eliminated.

HubTran plays well with others.

HubTran is already integrated with your key software. Teams are crazy about it. Factors feel the love from clients and debtors. 3PLs feel the love from carriers and customers. Happiness abounds. 

Old-school no longer cuts it.

Uncoordinated systems and mind-numbing procedures are the stuff of back-office breakdowns. You know, the search for documents. Phone calls and emails. Mistakes. And fixing those mistakes. 

It won't hurt
a bit.

The back office isn’t for cowards. But you don’t have to be brave to try HubTran. The transition is painless with zero time needed to get up and running.

You won't be a guinea pig.

HubTran is already a proven success. Our customers’ enthusiasm and industry awards are hard to ignore.

HubTran is in the news.

  • Jack Farbak Joins HubTran as Vice President Sales - read here

  • ProfitStars and the IFA commend HubTran’s positive impact on factor operations  - read here

  • JOC cites HubTran as “tech pioneer” that helps 3PLs gain competitive advantage - read here