Allow your back office to evolve

HubTran’s combination of technologies offers transformational change to back offices everywhere.

What plug & play really looks like.

  • Effortless trial and implementation with no IT help needed.
  • UX Design makes HubTran intuitive, so minimal training is required.
  • Web-based platform doesn’t need hardware, software, and storage.
  • Your carriers don’t need to change a thing when you move to HubTran.

HubTran tech
works like magic.

  • OCR automatically reads documents.
  • AI makes HubTran super smart about your business.
  • High-Speed Data Ops ensures HubTran is fast, reliable, and secure.
  • Mobile enables HubTran to work as well in the truck as it does in the office.


Networked, integrated, smart.

  • Integrated with major TMS and factoring applications.
  • Linked to a giant ecosystem of carriers, 3PLs, factors, and shippers which feed machine learning.
  • Allows back-office processes to work together seamlessly to instantaneously move information, documents, and funds.

Speed Demo: See How it Works.

HubTran and the Transportation Ecosystem

Circular graphic shows relationships between 3PL, shipper, factor, and carrier


HubTran is integrated with major TMS and factoring applications.