The HubTran cloud-based platform dramatically streamlines transportation factoring operations

Factoring Operations

  • Automatically inducts client (carrier) documents
  • Tags documents by type and carrier
  • Extracts key data from invoices and rate confirmations
  • Groups documents by invoice/load… even when received separately
  • Identifies document gaps and other exceptions
  • Enables collaborative issue resolution with clients
  • Integrated with Cadence and other factoring systems
  • Documents and data exported to your factoring system and retained in HubTran – tagged, searchable and accessible on permission basis to trading partners
  • Full audit trails and value-add reporting
  • Handles multiple workflows including fuel advances, exception management and debtor billing
  • 80% reduction in back-office cost
  • Increased capacity for growth and volume surges
  • Significantly reduced error rate
  • Clients do not need to change their process, perform data entry or manually tag documents